About Debra


Debra works with the mediums of Mosaic, alongside painting and drawing. She graduated in Fine Art from Ruskin School of Drawing, Oxford University some years ago.


Recently completing a Diploma in Mosaic Studies, she spent time refreshing her knowledge of the mosaic process with its roots in antiquity, and grounded herself in the Roman and Byzantine styles of mosaic making.  She is currently exploring contemporary methods, techniques and modern approaches to themes from the past.


She enjoys working to commission as well as on larger scale projects in the public domain. This includes running projects that enable groups of people to get involved in the design and making process so that the beneficial collaborative effects of working on a group art project are experienced. Projects have involved making a huge cat series, a group project in Peru, and many others!

She also passionate about passing on her knowledge and experience to others - running workshops with WEA, at the London School of Mosaic, and at various schools.  Please get in touch if you would like to find out more about these learning opportunities.