School Mosaics
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Debra offers exciting creative mosaic experiences and learning
in one day workshops and projects with schools.​

stimulate creativity

During the workshops the children are encouraged to use their imagination through making drawings and design motifs with different tools which improve sensory stimulation.

work together

Whilst completing the mosaic, the children learn to work collaboratively by supporting each other, sharing skills, materials and tools, and problem solving together.

enjoyable learning

Through active learning, children can appreciate history, mathematics, geometry, and understand the process of making handmade artworks. They also learn new skills and specific techniques in a relaxed and informal school environment.

confidence building

At the end of every workshop or project, children will feel the impact of having achieved something important together and gain a sense of pride and increased confidence.

Tap into the amazing creativity of children with a mosaic project for all ages!

  • Each workshop includes an introduction to mosaics, materials and methods, and examples of my/other artists artwork.

  • Every child in the school or a number of year groups can be involved in making the mosaic (from 1m sq), with a maximum of 10 children making per session over the course of a few days or week.  Other children can be involved in additional themed mosaic activities.

  • The motif can be based on the children's drawings or a preset image that Debra can interpret for mosaic purposes. It could also incorporate individual ceramic pieces that are premade by children. Links to school curriculum, school values, logo or environment suit mosaic designs too!

  • We offer Arts Awards with mosaic, workshops for special needs and nursery too.