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 Community Projects

We can design mosaics for public spaces.  These projects can be commission based as well as run community making sessions to complete the artwork:


  • Public Spaces such as on roads, stations, parks

  • Community Group Spaces e.g. gardens, int/exterior

  • Regeneration projects

  • Mosaic Restoration

​These types of projects are ideal for:

  • ​family learning

  • intergenerational groups

  • community groups

  • housing associations

  • corporate team-building 

  • youth groups





  • Become healthier and calmer beings as we work together to create mosaic artwork for our community


  • Enjoy making as a fun way to meet each other reducing feelings of loneliness or isolation.


  • Bring disparate groups or teams together and give participants confidence with transferable skills to use in other art forms. 

  • Enhance public and communal sites & place-setting to regenerate urban spaces and invite more people to be together

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