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Community Projects Gallery

Communitree Mosaic 2019

Edward Woods Community Centre, 60 Norland Rd, London

(with WEA (Margaret Cottier Award), Change Live Grow)

Project initiated by WEA who helped set up workshops with Change Grow Live (Alcohol Services).  This inspired the community to get involved and brainstormed a design that could go in the garden area facing the community walkway. 

It represents the different types of people and cultures who all live in the same area but make up a commuity (Communitree).

Volunteers from the community contributed individual birds to the design and helped complete the mosaic through a number of ongoing workshops. The project was managed and designed by Debra and team.​


Calypos Mosaic, Pepper Pot Centre, 2015

Project : Communal project with members and volunteers

Location : Pepper Pot Day Centre, Notting Hill

Project Manager / Design :  Debra Collis (with Notre Art CIC - Beatriz Palmira)

Funding : National Lottery Arts for All Award

Through a number of workshops with regular members of Pepper Pot Over 60s Group, a design was discussed.  As the members were mainly of  Afro Carribean descent, dancing on the beach was a popular theme.  The motif was inspired by record covers in the 1950s (Calypso music).  Ongoing workshops continued where they made the mosaic sections together. Volunteers from the community helped to complete the mosaic which now hangs on the main lounge wall.



Eartha, Cat Walk Mosaic, 2018

Project : Community Project with children (yr 3 Gladstone Park Primary) & Elderly (Pepper Pot Centre)

Location : Willesden Green (outside Sainsburys)

Project Manager / Design :  Debra Collis (with Notre Art CIC)

Funding : Brent Council Ward Fund with Willesden Green Town Team

​This mosaic was inspired by the artwork of Louis Wain, who was a resident in the borough back in the Victorian era. His unique images of cats were transformed into mosaic, and this mosaic has become number two in a series of cat mosaics entitled the Willesden Green Cat Walk.

​​Opening Event with Mayor of Brent and party