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Fleet Primary School, London NW3  Completed July 2021

​Front Entrance Wall

​Collaboration with London School of Mosaic

Based on drawings from design sessions with children

Project included mosaic-making sessions (pupils and staff) and was installed directly on external brick wall using indirect method.


It was started in the middle of the pandemic period and was a welcome project for the children. ​The mosaic was inspired by the huge 150 year old blossom tree in the grounds of the school.


Drawings and individual blossom flowers from each child were incorporated into the design and final mosaic. The mosaics were worked on in sections (reverse method) and put together at the end.

PXL_20210819_123940880 (5).jpg

Rosemary Works Primary School, London N1 

March 2022

​Front Entrance Gate

School children from all year groups

Collab with Kate Hodgson


Based on children's drawings from guided drawing sessions with Kate Hodgson. Mosaic design of 2 metres by 1.5 metres was then made into 'permanent art'. 


During 10 mosaic-making sessions, the children from Reception to Year 6 worked in indirect method with parent hep in the final stages, guided by the mosaic artist.


The final piece was then turned, installed on board, grouted, framed and hung on the entrance gate


Gladstone Park Primary School, London NW6

​Playground Mosaic

​Ceramic shapes and Mosaic Tiles

This project involved individual mosaics sections and ceramic shape making days with the children on the theme of London.  The imaginative pieces were then put together to form a design of a map of London with the River Thames and completed by Debra, the mosaic artist outside of the school. It was then hung on an exterior playground wall.


Rosemary Works School London N1

Fleet Primary SChool, Nw3

Gladstone Park Primary School, NW2, London

St Marks Primary School, Islington

Fairfield Junior School, Radlett, Herts

Lady Margaret Primary School, Southall

Whizzkids Youth Group (South England)

Art for ALL, London

Bright Horizons Nursery, Imperial Wharf

Willington Primary School, Wimbledon

Birmingham Hippodrome Events

& other schools in Nottingham, Cotswolds & Canterbury


You were definitely inspirational and helped the children produce their best work and had them talking about it throughout the week. If the opportunity arises then we would love for you to return another time.

Fairfield Junior School, Radlett , Herts

Thank you again for your hard work with us in Year 3 - the children thought that you were kind, considerate and welcoming towards them.  It was an incredible way to come to the end of term .

The children had not worked with clay before nor had they made mosaics using real tiles.  It certainly made an impact.

The Priory School, Southall

Thank you Debra for your incredible hard work.  You gave the children an experience to remember.  Your artwork will be displayed and will give the children a wonderful memory for the rest of their school life at Gladstone Park! 

(Playground clay and mosaic project, Gladstone Park Primary School 2019)