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Kilburn Tube Mosaic Project 2022-23

This project involved making themed panels in mosaic which decorated the planters on Kilburn Tube Station platform. The theme was to encourage use and enjoyment of green spaces in the local area and includes imagery of dog-walking, exercising and other park activity, alongside local flora and fauna, and vegetable gardens in the local park.

Debra ran workshops with two local schools and offered 10 open workshops for the public community in Kilburn (Brent) to contribute their time and get involved in the making of it. The final mosaic and 8 side panels were completed in Debra's studio with assistance by volunteers.

The project was initiated by Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn (environmental action group) in partnership with Debra Collis and Jenny Lin Cole who helped design and make the panels. It was funded by Brent's NCIL (community levy).


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